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Garner State Park

Garner is very natural. The park is in a sense undisturbed. The river is allowed to take a natural course and not molded to meet the needs of profit. Silt lines the rocks and is washed away by natural occurrence when a flood comes through the Frio River. Plants and vegetation are allowed to grow within the rocks that line the shores of the river. Rocks that have plummeted from the mountain are allowed to redefine campsites. Allowing the nature to grow, change, and develop are an interesting and beautiful part of life; Garner State Park is one of the most popular parks in the state of Texas. The river attracts people from all across the state of Texas. It is an important part of the park. In the beginning of the 1930s, the park was originally made to save a piece of the hill country for the public and to give men, suffering from the depression, work. The land for Garner State Park was acquired in 1934 through 1936. In 1934, the Texas State Parks Board approved the location for a future state park, and the Texas Legislature provided funding for state parks. The Civilian Conservation Corps made the park’s original improvements, which included a large pavilion and a concessions building. The property was conveyed to the State Parks Board in 1936, and it opened as Garner State Park in 1941. The park was named for John Nance Garner, former Vice-President of the United States who lived and practiced law in the Concan area. The park's size more than doubled when 790 acres (320 ha) were added in 1976.

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