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Navidad River

FOR THE ADVENTUROUS!! This river is pretty rugged and obscure but it offers amazing fishing and real "outback" feel. It begins in two primary branches. The East Navidad River begins in southern Fayette County and runs southeast until it reaches Colorado County.[2] The West Navidad River also begins in Fayette County and wanders south for twenty-three miles until its confluence with the East Navidad near Oakland, where it becomes the Navidad River.[3] The town of Schulenburg is centered between the two branches, which are both somewhat seasonal, and navigation can be difficult due to low water levels and obstructions.[4] The river then winds south, passing the small communities of Sublime, Speaks and Morales and then forming Lake Texana about seven miles east of Edna. Beyond the lake, the river continues south for a few miles and then reaches its mouth on the Lavaca River.

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